Back to School?

Back to School?

    Back to school can be an anxiety provoking time for children across America, even under normal circumstances. Sprinkle in Covid-19, with the threat of sickness and the uncertainty of school openings, and you have a recipe for fear and depression that is off the charts.  Will I be back in the classroom with my friends? Will it cause me or someone I love to get sick?  Will I be isolated at home?  How much longer until things are back to normal?  These are just some of the questions children are wondering, leaving their heads spinning with no easy answers.  Parents are being called on now more than ever before to support the well-being of their children as they navigate through this unprecedented time.  But where to begin?  To help alleviate the stress that comes with our current climate consider these ideas:

  • Keep an open line of communication with your children. Listen carefully to their concerns and validate their fears.  Correct any misconceptions they have heard and encourage them to continue to ask questions.
  • Create a daily schedule to promote a sense of calm.  In a world of uncertainty, a predictable routine helps to create normalcy.
  • Help your children develop a daily exercise routine of 30 minutes to minimize symptoms of anxiety and boost their immune system (outdoor exercise does this best!).
  • Empower your children by talking with them about the importance of self-care routines that will help keep germs at bay. Hand washing for 20-30 seconds and wearing a mask when they are sharing space with people outside of their family are the most important things they can do to protect themselves and the people around them. 
  • Introduce your children to the powers of essential oils!  A daily dose of essential oils can promote natural health by helping them calm their mind, improve focus, fight germs, and get a better night sleep.


    At Dragonfly Delivery, we believe that it’s never too early to help your children start a self-care practice, especially now during these uncertain times.  Self-care skills act as a precursor to many school related tasks as well as life skills.  The younger the better! This is why we have designed a wellness gift box for children and one for teens, each with a complimentary mask!  Check them out at 

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