Launch: Behind the Scenes

Launch: Behind the Scenes


What’s involved in launching a start-up? A lot. But when your mission and product is something you believe in, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Dragonfly Delivery began evolving in 2017. And while much of our research, planning, and development during the next many months was collaborative, we also benefited from our diverse skill set. This made it easy to divvy up responsibilities, with Kristen focusing more on the creative side while Laura managed analytical tasks.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

  • In the summer of 2018, we started to build our preferred vendor and product list. This spiraled into research on companies and merchandise, fine-tuning our selection over the course of the next year and developing partnerships. In March of 2019, we traveled to Anaheim, California to attend the Natural Product Expo West, where we made our final selections. This was a fun trip, and we definitely felt as if we were with our people.

  • But we didn’t do it all alone. While we managed and oversaw every aspect of our launch, we also needed the right people who could augment our own skillset. And we found that picking the right people who really understood our vision made things fall together effortlessly. It was with the support of several business mentors, a content editor, and a fantastic graphic design team creating our box and card insert, brand image, and website that we were able to pull the rest together.

  • Our photo shoot was held in mid-April of 2019 at Kristen’s mother-in-law’s beautiful home on the water in Buttonwoods, Rhode Island. With an aim of making everything appear organic and unstaged, we chose to tap a few close friends and family members to feature our products. This included Kristen’s daughter along with Laura’s son and best friend from college.

  • Finally, we took some time in May of 2019 to fine-tune the website and celebrate.

After careful planning and preparation, we all congregated in Boston on June 1st for the official launch party of Dragonfly Delivery. Not only was it a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments and prepare for the future, but we also created a great deal of buzz and interest around the business. Swag was distributed and Dragonfly cocktails were consumed.

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