One Year Later...

One Year Later...

One Year Later…

When we set out to develop our self-care business over a year ago, we didn’t really know what we were doing.  But we believed in our vision, and we believed that we could find the right people to help bring this vision to life. When we finally launched it was an exciting time.  We were able to start shipping out boxes to actual people!  We felt so well received by both the gift givers and the recipients.  We loved getting feedback and hearing about product favorites which we were able to feature in seasonal boxes. This year we offered both Winter and Spring boxes which included products that are suited to the time of year.  We look forward to adding to our seasonal collection. Based on feedback we also started our “mini” customizable box which allows for a smaller gift, including two items instead of four.  We are always adapting and transforming, much like our dragonfly symbol.    

We are delighted that our gifts have supported expectant mamas, brides-to-be, over-extended moms, women undergoing cancer treatment, and even fathers who could use some self-care.  And we really love to see the little messages that gift-givers include with their box - they are so heartwarming!  We are grateful to be entrusted with gifts for birthdays, showers, and holidays, however it is especially meaningful when our boxes are sent to women who are undergoing a period of stress. This is why we started out after all.  

We had no idea when we launched that one year later we would be amidst a global pandemic.  As we adjust to this health crisis, we feel well positioned to help people in our own way. Now more than ever we need to focus on both our self-care and the self-care of our loved ones.  Not only does this help to keep us physically healthy, but it also helps us to maintain our psychological health.  We have such a strong belief that self-care practices can help to see us through turbulent times.  We hope that our gifts continue to bring comfort and inspiration as we move into year two.  Be Well!

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