Rethinking “Too Busy”

Rethinking “Too Busy”


Your alarm goes off, you hit snooze, and eventually you pour yourself a mug of coffee. Thus your day begins with another frazzled morning only to shift into rush hour frustrations during your daily commute. Add lunch prep, school drop-offs, or any errands in between and it’s hard to imagine fitting in time for one more thing, especially self-care.

This is the reason why so many of us brush self-care off as an abstract and unachievable concept, though most of us realize we should be doing more of it. This self-criticism and judgment, all too common in women who face enormous pressure to do it all and have it all while presenting a flawless and unflappable exterior, is the antithesis of self-care. Still at the end of the day, we let self-care fall to the wayside, convincing ourselves that it’s a luxury or, even worse, self-indulgent and self-centered.

When we tell ourselves those messages, it’s easier to skip the gym, the healthy lunch, even the multivitamin. We might even rationalize self-care as a much more grandiose gesture than it really is, whether that’s travel, spa visits, or retreats. So what do we end up doing? Nothing at all.

Learn how to break the cycle and get back on track by reframing your beliefs around self-care. Instead of considering it to be a one-off or time-intensive task, understand that it’s simply the brief three to four little things you do every day on a consistent basis that, over time, make a big impact. And soon that repetition will form a habit, making those small self-care practices second nature.

To make it easy on yourself, choose practices that are personally enjoyable and rewarding, and take cues from your body to determine where to begin. Your plan might include:

  • Meditating or focusing on gratitude when you wake or go to bed. (A 0:05 investment.)
  • Swapping one cup of coffee a day for green tea. (A 0:00 investment.)
  • Dry brushing your skin before taking a shower. (A 0:02 investment.)
  • Moisturizing your body with natural oils before bed. (A 0:05 investment.)
When you reframe your thoughts, you set yourself up for success and can start to realize the real benefits of self care.

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