Self-Care That Sticks

Self-Care That Sticks


It’s that time of year.  We start talking about the “new year, new you” (not to be confused with the “come Monday” mindset).  We’ve all succumbed to this thinking at some point. We make all sorts of resolutions about health and self-care which fall by the wayside come February.  Why? Because resolutions are often fueled by willpower, and willpower doesn’t work. We expect to be able to follow through with our goals this time, simply because it’s a new year.  If you want to see growth and transformation in your self-care practice, try adapting your environment and routine to support long-term follow through. As you develop your self-care goals for this year, consider:

  1. Developing realistic intentions from the get go.  Are you really going to go from no weekly exercise to 6 days of working out?  Pick something achievable that you can build on or you’ll end up scrapping it all together.   
  2. Removing triggers from your environment.  If you are trying to eat less sugar this year, don’t bring it into your house. Buy your kids treats that don’t tempt you.  Have a healthy but satisfying alternative ready for when you get that sudden craving.   
  3. Embedding 2 or 3 small self-care practices into your regular routine.  Start dry-brushing your skin before you get into the shower, meditating for 10 minutes each day on a break, or swapping your second coffee for green tea.  Once you tweak a few things you’ll find that other practices effortlessly develop. 

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